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Update and news

I know I have been very quiet on this blog for most of the year. I fell into a rigorous daily routine of getting up early, working, squeezing one or two extra things into the day, sleeping, and repeat. I have … Continue reading

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Challenge update (early to bed early to rise)

It’s about 06:13, and I’m on the train to Cape Town. I got up at my new usual time, just after 05:00, and got to bed last night just after 21:00 (though I didn’t actually sleep until 22:00). Yesterday I … Continue reading

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September 2014 Challenge: Early to bed, early to rise

Because it’s spring! Well, that’s only partly the reason. We had our first awesome sunny days now and everything about Spring/Summer makes you want to get up early and storm the day. But as awesome as Spring is, staying in … Continue reading

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