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Early to bed, early to rise challenge: done

I nailed it. I had a lot of help getting it done because the commuting kind of forced me to adapt. I think I might have gone to bed really late like 3 times this month, whereas previously it would … Continue reading

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September 2014 Challenge: Early to bed, early to rise

Because it’s spring! Well, that’s only partly the reason. We had our first awesome sunny days now and everything about Spring/Summer makes you want to get up early and storm the day. But as awesome as Spring is, staying in … Continue reading

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December Challenge: Learn to type without looking at my fingers

I think at school I once learnt how  to type without looking at my fingers, but it never stuck. I type, I actually type allot as I basically sit in front of a PC and do admin all day. So … Continue reading

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I went to Old Mutual’s head office building

This was work related, but it still counts, as it is a place I have been before. This Friday I had a meeting at Old Mutual’s head office building in Pinelands, Cape Town. Old Mutual is one of South Africa’s … Continue reading

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