Hi, my name is Nico Smit.
This blog is a record of my personal challenges. Starting 1 June 2012 I am going to try and make one small change to my lifestyle every month. After the month I may revert back to my old ways, but I have to make another change in my lifestyle for the new month. The idea is that hopefully something that I do will stick, and in doing so help me have a better lifestyle. This is not my idea, I got it from Matt Cutts.

That is the main idea of this blog. For the avid readers, you may read more about me below:

I have always been one for jumping into something head over heals. I am very good at starting something but horrible at finishing it. In this day and age it is not strange at all for one to say that you have A.D.D – but yes, I have been diagnosed with it by both a psychologist and neurologist. There was a brief time that I thought of my “condition” as a disability, but in time I came to realise that I have been created like that by God, and if anything, it is one of my greatest strengths!

A.D.D is like a super power, it has to be managed with great care. I will summarise my view of A.D.D below:

  1. People only think of A.D.D as something that removes your ability to concentrate. But that is not the truth, in fact it just makes it hard to concentrate on something for a very long time. But you very much have the ability to concentrate in bursts of time.
  2. Where some people find it hard to focus on more than one thing in their life, those with A.D.D find it awesome. We get so damn bored with one thing that we have to jump to something else every now and then. The result is that we expose ourselves to so many different things. It enriches us.
  3. The short bursts that we do have are a whole lot stronger than the normal feel about something. In a way, the moment something catches your attention, you become semi obsessed with it. Where some people might think about doing something, someone with A.D.D will go right ahead and jump into it with everything he has. That short burst for one day can be as powerful as a whole weeks work.
  4. So to get back to managing A.D.D. I realised the importance of documenting everything I think and do while I am in burst-mode. Because I know that I am going to lose focus before I complete it. But there is this thing that my friend and I call the full-circle. We realised that even though you loose focus on something, in time, somewhere in the future, you will become obsessed with it again. This is why the principle of documenting where you were is so important, because you can continue where you left off, instead of starting from scratch again.

So to end off. I don’t really expect anyone to read my blog. This is for myself mostly. It is an experiment where I am going to try and use my A.D.D to work for me. Implementing small changes in my life that will hopefully have lasting effects. Let’s see if I can continue this without losing focus 🙂


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  1. offshewent says:

    good luck on your journey 🙂

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