Banting challenge summary

Today is my last day of my Banting diet challenge. It’s been fun, but from tomorrow it’s time to move on again.

What have I learned from this challenge?

  • Carbs are cheap, if you want to live cheap, eat carbs
  • Banting is expensive, if you want to eat proteins, vitamins and fats, it will cost you
  • Losing weight feels good, it just does. I am not someone who cares much for other people’s perception of me and stuff like that, but losing weight (if you are overweight) makes your body feel really good, you feel lighter and amped for more stuff.

Is there anything I will try to retain form this challenge?

  • For now, I am going to try not to go gold turkey off the diet. I will start introducing carbs to my diet again, if it comes up, but I won’t go out and look for carbs to stuff my face with just yet. Luckily I enjoy meals that consist of meat and veg, so I will try to focus on eating these.
  • As far as the weight-loss aspect is concerned, I think I want to keep losing weight if possible. I am still some kilograms away from my healthy body weight (according to the BMI), so I am going to try and keep losing weight.
  • I am not going to make Banting a lifestyle. It was an event to me and it will stay like that. I don’t believe in diets that don’t allow you to eat fruit :\

Conclusions about the diet:

  • It works. I lost 4.2kg this month. The last week was only 200g but I still lost weight regardless. So the one thing about the diet that I can’t deny is that it works – you lose weight.
  • Apart from the financial aspect, it’s really not that hard, eating meats and veg is great and I don’t find myself craving for carbs at all. The hard part is at snack times… potato chips are so much part of our culture and I love them. Saying no to stuff like that can be hard.
  • For all the hype, nothing else is really special about this diet. I never experienced abundance of energy, I didn’t think clearer, I didn’t sleep better and my cat still thinks I am inferior to him. This is just a weight-loss thing, no matter what they try to tell you.
  • I don’t think full banting is healthy. I am no doctor, but the natural way of life tells me that we should be eating fruits and nuts and things, and I feel like it’s good to have that in your diet. I will use the parts of this diet that is good, but as for the rest of it – I am chewing the meat and spitting out the bones.


About Nico Smit

Nico Smit works in Cape Town, South Africa at a digital agency by day. At night he tries to balance amateur writing, family life and countless hobbies, life is too short to waste time.
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2 Responses to Banting challenge summary

  1. JP says:

    Hey meneer. Haha, het jou banting reports baie geniet. 😁👍

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