Banting: week 3 update

Three weeks into my Banting challenge now:

  1. So far, I lost 4 kilograms – so just more than a kilogram per week on average.
  2. The “magic” of not getting hungry seemed to wear off. I am now getting hungry before meals and the fat in my diet does not seem to be stopping that from happening.
  3. I am eating less… not because I don’t get hungry, but because I just seem to feel full sooner than I used to.
  4. Still no other change physically: my energy levels are about the same as they always are, pretty much up and down for no apparent reason.
  5. We are out of food budget, Banting is so expensive.

So maybe that is why everybody loses so much weight on the Banting diet… because their food budget run out before the end of every month and they find themselves starving the last week 😛

I still haven’t cheated once, keeping it clean and not eating any carbs. So this is still an authentic objective look at the diet.


About Nico Smit

Nico Smit works in Cape Town, South Africa at a digital agency by day. At night he tries to balance amateur writing, family life and countless hobbies, life is too short to waste time.
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