Banting: week 2 update

Two weeks into the banting diet now and still going strong – almost half way there. This is my almost-in-the-middle-of-my-challenge update. I don’t have any long prose to write about my “amazing life changing banting diet”… so I am just going to write a short list of my status and general findings thus far:

  1. Banting is still an up-class diet. Strangely enough, it didn’t get cheaper half way through the month. The food budget is tight as hell.
  2. I am not finding the challenge hard in the least. Definitely one of the easiest challenges I’ve done thus far. I have to say no to bread, beer, pudding and potato salad at events and stuff, and yet it doesn’t seem to really phase me. I don’t have an ounce of self-pity because I am never hungry, and eating delicious meats.
  3. I am eating less. This is something that I think the diet experts said would happen. I took it with a pinch of salt, but it is actually happening. With the fat to feed my body, and no carbs to spike my metabolism, I find myself holding out longer before I start feeling hungry, and my portions are now smaller than they used to be. Note that this is not intentional, but coincidental.
  4. I still don’t feel particularly different. No boundless resources of energy or anything, feels about the same as I did on a normal diet.
  5. And of course the final question… did I lose weight? Today was my weighing day (I only weigh once a week now as I don’t like being obsessed with my weight), and it’s hard to tell, funny enough my morning and midday weight fluctuated with more than a kilogram, with my morning being a kilogram more strangely enough… anyway, so I am going to go with the average of the two and can then safely say that I lost another kilogram. So one kilogram of weight-loss per week thus far during my banting challenge.

So I think I am still trying to figure out exactly what the big hype is about the diet. It hasn’t been particularly better or easier than other diets, and the results are pretty much the same, so what makes this diet so amazing? Hmmm, maybe the fact that I can still drink coffee makes it amazing, who knows?

Oh and I am still not cheating, at all, no high-carb food coming near me. So this challenge is a fair assessment of the diet.


About Nico Smit

Nico Smit works in Cape Town, South Africa at a digital agency by day. At night he tries to balance amateur writing, family life and countless hobbies, life is too short to waste time.
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