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I went to the hill behind Papagaaiberg – Stellenbosch

This week I took my motorcycle, and got off the beaten track a bit. I drove up the hill overlooking Stellenbosch – Papagaaiberg. An then I also drove on behind it to the semi hill behind Papagaaiberg. Now I have … Continue reading

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I went to Old Mutual’s head office building

This was work related, but it still counts, as it is a place I have been before. This Friday I had a meeting at Old Mutual’s head office building in Pinelands, Cape Town. Old Mutual is one of South Africa’s … Continue reading

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I went to “Trumpet tree” – Stellenbosch

This Thursday – for lunch, my wife and I went to Trumpet tree in Dorpstreet. Very nice place, the vibe is great and you sit outside under a … well … a trumpet tree 🙂 Unfortunately, we had to wait … Continue reading

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I went to the top-level parking lot I can see through my office window

As I mentioned in my previous post, I planned doing something different for the new place I visited this time. First of all, I will show you a picture of what I see when I sit at my desk at … Continue reading

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I went to Cognito : Stellenbosch

Today for lunch, I went to a small restaurant in Stellenbosch, with my wife. The restaurants name is Cognito. For anyone nearby and interested, it’s in Dorp Street. I’ve never been there before. You can either choose to sit outside, … Continue reading

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August 2012 Challenge: Go to places I have never been before

This monthly challenge is going to be awesome! For the simple reason that my wife and I are going to Europe for the first time! This challenge might be a bit of a cheat… because I am not visiting Europe … Continue reading

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