Oiling the busted knee

As mentioned earlier, the reason why I can’t run every day, is because I have issues with my knee. It gets sore from running and is taking time getting better. I imagine I have a constant form of inflammation and irritation in my knee.

Natural remedies:

So I did what I do best, I went online and did research on my problem. This time I read up on food to eat to combat inflammation. I found more than one source confirming that both the Omega 3 fatty acids (found in oily fish) and olive oil are natural anti-inflammatory agents, apart from all the other benefits. As I have never been prone to cholesterol (I donate blood so I always know my levels) I believe I can manage more oil intake. Especially this healthy kind. So now I am going to try increasing my intake of extra virgin olive oil and canned oily fish.

Why not use some pills / drugs?

I am especially going for a natural product here, not a manufactured drug. Not that I am in any way against manufactured drugs, I support it. I ain’t no hippie. But I would prefer changing my normal lifestyle to compensate for problems rather than resorting to alternative solutions. I also have this idea in my head that, if there is a natural cure for a disease hidden in nature, then God in his wisdom knows exactly how to package it for man. And I would prefer taking it in that package… or as close as I can get to it 🙂

Oily Fish


About Nico Smit

Nico Smit works in Cape Town, South Africa at a digital agency by day. At night he tries to balance amateur writing, family life and countless hobbies, life is too short to waste time.
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